SitWalkStay: A Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Portland, Oregon

Professional help for busy people who love their pets.

Daily walks, play, and exercise while you work . . .

. . . and in-home visits while you are away.

Pet of the Month: Georgia

Georgia, pet of the month


Georgia the Maltese is confident that every person she sees is her friend, and the more unlikely the prospect, the greater her confidence grows. My favorite is when she wiggle wags up to a supposedly surly teenage guy trying valiantly to look grim behind his hoodie and headphones, and when I pull her away I see him crack a little grin that he just can't suppress! She is very busy as she trots through the neighborhood, ears flying, to check scent mail, and then we go home so she can run laps around the house at top speed (she thinks she is part greyhound). We always end my visit sitting together on the couch where I write my report in her special book called "Georgia's Adventures." Which pretty much sums up how she views every day!

Worried about your dog being lonesome or bored while you are at work all day?

SitWalkStay will provide a walk, some play, fresh water, and lots of loving attention!

Worried about what to do with your pets when you are out of town?

SitWalkStay will visit your pets in your home so they don’t have to deal with the stress of boarding in a strange place. We will feed them, exercise them, and love them!

We will also:
clean litter boxes, bring in your mail and newspapers, water plants, take garbage recycling to the curb, rotate lights curtains for added home security.

We are experienced, reliable, conscientious and professional. Our pets mean the world to us, so we know how you feel about yours!


SitWalkStay is a bonded and insured member of Pet Sitters International and Portland Petsitters serving pets in Portland, Oregon.

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