SitWalkStay: A Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service in Portland, Oregon

Professional help for busy people who love their pets.

Daily walks, play, and exercise while you work . . .

. . . and in-home visits while you are away.

Pets of the Month
Pancakes and Strudel

Pancakes and Strudel

Pancakes and Strudel

Pancakes (upper left) believes it is his job to bark at people, bikes, cars, and other dogs that come into his field of vision on his walks. His sister Strudel also knows her role, which is to take her brother's leash in her mouth and shake it vigorously to make him stop barking. Which makes me laugh so I'm no help in calming down the whole situation! At the end of the walk, Strudel is full of kisses and wants to cuddle and be close. Pancakes is more reserved but has been known to give a kiss or two, and he is also excellent at chasing balls. His face often takes on a Buddha-like quality, undoubtedly indicating his silent contemplation of the ephemeral nature of food.

Worried about your dog being lonesome or bored while you are at work all day?

SitWalkStay will provide a walk, some play, fresh water, and lots of loving attention!

Worried about what to do with your pets when you are out of town?

SitWalkStay will visit your pets in your home so they don’t have to deal with the stress of boarding in a strange place. We will feed them, exercise them, and love them!

We will also:
clean litter boxes, bring in your mail and newspapers, water plants, take garbage recycling to the curb, rotate lights curtains for added home security.

We are experienced, reliable, conscientious and professional. Our pets mean the world to us, so we know how you feel about yours!


SitWalkStay is an insured member of Portland Pet Sitters serving pets in Portland, Oregon.